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Are you looking to bring your feedlot operation to the next level? Increase efficiency, performance, and accountability? We have the solutions for you! Whether you have all the networking, computers, RFID readers and scales or are starting from pen and paper, we have the knowledge, staff, and equipment to complete any size project. From single computer operations to multi-yard data replicated corporate infrastructures, we can help. Contact us today for a demo and see how we can maximize your ‘performance for profit’!

  • Complete Feedlot Management
  • Cattle Inventory
  • Individual Animal Management
  • Animal Health
  • Treatment and Processing Protocols
 Feed IT
  • Cattle Weight Management
  • Data Analytics
  • In-truck Feeding
  • Advanced Bunk Management
  • Ration Management
 Its Livestock
  • Cattle Exporting
  • Over 100 Reports Available Instantly
  • Small Feedyard or Large Multi-location
  • Add Modules to Work within Your Budget
  • And much more!
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Feedlot Software Solutions
Cattle Accounting, Animal Management, Animal Health, Feeding, Inventory Control, Reporting, Weight Management, Treatment and Protocols, Te Pari Dosing Gun Integration, Withdrawals, Ration Management, Bunk Management, In-Truck feeding, Micro Machine Integration, Exporting Cattle, Feedlot Analytics. Complete Feedlot Management Software Solutions.

Dedicated application support for our feedlot management products including after-hours support, Complete IT and RFID hardware support, Feedyard Management Consulting, IT Consulting.

RFID Systems, Scale Indicators, Network and Computer equipment, Wireless Solutions

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