At ITS Livestock, we combine our passion for technology and agriculture with the highest standard in customer service, putting our clients at the heart of everything we do, every day we do it. Our easy-to-use, industry leading software is designed to help cattle feeders become more efficient, profitable and sustainable with cutting-edge data management and more informed decision making.

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Core Values

Customer Service

Our software is designed to deliver an unparalleled user experience to our clients, and our support team is committed to maintaining the highest standard in customer service on every phone call, every email, and in every meeting.

Building Trust with Transparency

We build relationships based on a genuine, everyday commitment to serve the best interests of our clients. We provide solutions to real-world problems through clear, consistent communication that prioritizes honesty and integrity. We won’t just tell you what we think you want to hear if it means you won’t be getting the best possible results from our products and services. 

Technical Expertise

We do this so you don’t have to! Our team brings a wealth of industry knowledge and technical expertise that is constantly empowering us to build a better toolkit for our clients, developing innovative solutions and creating a more profitable, sustainable future for the cattle feeding industry.

Team Building and Thought Diversity

As an IT company, our team works closely together to solve complex problems, approaching issues from multiple viewpoints and debating all aspects to ensure we deliver dynamic, long-lasting solutions that benefit our clients at the end of the day.

How We Got Started

Our Story

Originally operating as ComputerAid Professional Services, ITS Livestock has been providing innovative software solutions to feedlot operations across North America for over 25 years.

Designed to maximize efficiency and profitability, our fully integrated, scaleable systems cover everything from financials, inventory, and animal health, to feeding with our in-truck system. We also offer RFID equipment, scales, computer and network hardware, IT services, and top-notch support.

With decades of experience and a talented team of in-house developers, we are committed to perfecting an industry-leading toolkit for cattle feeders looking to boost their bottom line.

ITS Livestock

Our Team

Silvia Wouters

Owner/Managing Partner-Business

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Born in the Netherlands and raised on a dairy farm near Gouda, after immigrating to Canada in 2005, Silvia began forging a new path with ComputerAid Professional Services (now ITS Global) as Accounting Officer in 2006. Combining extensive professional accounting experience with her farm background, Silvia loves the variety that comes with managing so many different departments of the company, from Support, Technology, and Development to Finance. Getting to help the best clients in the world is just the icing on the cake! Speaking of which…Silvia still speaks Dutch fluently, and while she loves Canada says she will probably never give up some favourite foods from her homeland: sandwiches with chocolate sprinkles, Stroopwafels, and Gouda cheese!

Drew Mason

Owner/Managing Partner-Operations

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Although born in Ontario, Drew has spent his entire adult life in Alberta raising a wonderful son with his beautiful wife. After graduating college with honors as an IT Professional, Drew started his career working in law firms downtown Calgary before joining the team at ComputerAid (now ITS Global). Although the switch from working with legal professionals, to farmers and cattle might seem radical, he has always described the change as “using the same set of skills, just dealing with a different type of bull… manure”.

While Drew does not speak fluent Dutch, after working with Silvia for so many years, he has learned the good words from the bad, but has yet to comprehend which ones mean “stop talking”.

Combining passion for technology with admiration for the livestock industry developed over 15 years has given Drew a unique perspective and a natural ‘devil’s advocate’ approach to complement the amazing ITS Global team.

When he finally leaves the office, Drew enjoys spending time around a campfire with family and friends as well as the occasional round of golf, usually giving his dad unsolicited lessons.

Mike Watson

Sales/Application Support Officer/SME

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Mike brings 25 years of feedlot experience to his role at ITS Global. Hailing from Airdrie, Alberta, his passion for the cattle feeding sector comes from learning a variety of different roles directly from industry experts over the years. Working at ITS keeps Mike in touch with the industry he’s grown to love, and his dedication sets the gold standard in client support. Listening to their needs to continuously create a better product, it’s no surprise he’s a client favourite! Outside of work, Mike balances spending time with family and friends with his love for the outdoors and camping, playing guitar, hunting and fishing, and avoiding household chores!

Shawna Gould

Application Support Officer

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Growing up in the hills west of Stavely in southern Alberta before moving with her family to start a feedlot in the Nanton area, Shawna brings a wealth of industry experience and technical knowledge to her role at ITS Global. Working full-time at her family’s operation for over 20 years, she also studied Network Communications and Management and earned a B.Sc. from Devry University. At ITS, Shawna is passionate about helping clients and enjoys getting to learn something new every day. She is also an avid reader and a keto food expert who is always experimenting with her impressive array of kitchen gadgets. If you are looking for a new recipe, Shawna is the one to ask!

Janene Holman

Marketing Coordinator

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Originally from northern Saskatchewan, Janene holds degrees and certifications in digital marketing, technical writing, and western Canadian history. After earning an M.A. as an SSHRC scholar from the University of Calgary, her rural prairie roots led Janene to pursue communications work in the ag sector. She enjoys the creative challenges of marketing ITS Global’s innovative software, as the technology continually evolves to better meet clients’ needs. Janene’s free time is usually spent learning to play the banjo (the original social distancer) or honing her photography skills while exploring the foothills of southern Alberta.

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