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ITS Livestock is a proud distributor of top-quality Allflex/Aleis RFID readers, Avery and Digi-Star scale equipment, and Te Pari products in Canada and the USA.

We offer a complete range of peripherals to suit each sector of the livestock industry: Cow/Calf, Backgrounding, Auction Markets, Feedlots, Order Buyers, Packing Plants, and Regulatory Agencies, tracking animals from birth to slaughter and beyond.

Software Integration with Te Pari’s Revolution Dosing Gun

ITS software can also be seamlessly integrated with the Te Pari Revolution Dosing Gun for an automatic, weight-based application that makes animal health management easier and more efficient!

See why our clients love this pairing for accuracy and ease of use:

IT Support Services

Adopting new technology can present challenges, but ITS Livestock is here to help with any technical issues your operation is facing. With services ranging from Microsoft Exchange Server email on your PC and phone, to Domain Controllers, wireless networks, RFID readers, and scales, our IT consulting services are focused not only on providing you the best experience with our software but on making sure every other aspect of your business is prepared for a sustainable, profitable future.

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